Simplify Your Operations Management and Generate Significant Gains: Leverage Your Data!

In a context of labour shortage, manufacturing companies are currently overloaded. They are limited in terms of resources and are looking for solutions to simplify their daily activities, stabilize their operations and increase their productivity. In this article, we present you with an overview of how data enhancement and connectivity projects are producing impressive results to achieve your goals. 

Get A Better Return On Investment

Over the past year, Merkur’s experts have analyzed many improvement, investment and innovation projects. Whether it’s automation, plant redesign, continuous improvement or a digital solution, the finding is clear: connectivity and data enhancement projects often rank among the best projects.  

With connectivity and data enhancement, the performance of workstations and automated equipment improves: with a good project, productivity gains of 5-10% are achieved. For a company with 100 employees, this is equivalent to adding 5 to 10 new employees: an interesting gain when there is a lack of manpower and production capacity.  

Measure To Get A Good Diagnosis In Real Time

The fast-paced manufacturing industry, with its current turmoil of labor shortages, supply chain delays and backlog fluctuations, makes it difficult to manage operations. With this lack of resources, companies are wondering where to start, what to focus on, and what will give them the best gains.  

They have less time to devote to various analyses and are looking for solutions to replace repetitive and tedious activities with automated systems that can help them make decisions more quickly.  

Simplify your decision making and planning

Real-time data analysis allows control and adjustment of problems. It improves production planning and creates better synergy between the different functions in the plant. Managers, operators and production support teams have clearly identified objectives and targets, which makes everyone’s job easier. This improved communication and increased synergy creates a productivity gain.  

It is precisely this ability to be proactive and to react more quickly, guided by rigorous data, that helps avoid bottlenecks and improve operational efficiency.  


Connectivity and data enhancement projects are a preferred solution. On the one hand, they enable interesting productivity gains and, on the other hand, real-time action on operations. With the ability to perform real-time diagnostics, they are also becoming increasingly important tools for decision making and planning in companies.  

Connectivity and data enhancement projects that are well targeted on operational issues generate gains that are part of a strategic corporate vision. We invite you to contact our Merkur experts for more information. 


MERKUR  is a firm of experts in manufacturing performance and innovation and has been doing so for over 25 years. From strategy to execution, its sole objective is to make Quebec’s manufacturing companies more efficient by offering innovative solutions in product development, operational excellence, manufacturing engineering, automation and smart factory. Merkur is proud to contribute to innovation and productivity in Quebec!

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