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It’s time for a change, but do you know where to start? The Industry 4.0 revolution is moving so fast that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. Whether your machines and software are new or have been in use for several years, it’s never too late to transform your operation into a smart factory. By connecting your business, you gain access to valuable data that allows you to monitor and optimize your production in real time and remotely.

Our smart factory services

Our diagnostics are the starting point for defining and clarifying your digital needs. Our experts evaluate your processes to understand your unique way of doing things and the tools specific to your operations. The diagnostic allows us to determine your business’s level of maturity and propose a prioritized action plan to start or accelerate your digital transformation.

Want to monitor your factory’s performance in real time? Our experts can help you move information faster between your equipment and databases, giving you access to a wealth of operational data you can use to make quality decisions or even automate the decision-making process.

You can now connect your shop floor and your offices to ensure the efficiency of your factory with SYNKRO. Developed by Merkur, this middleware is specially designed for high-performance manufacturers. It collects, classifies, and distributes the right data to the right people, where and when they need it. SYNKRO gives you a precise overview of your operations that will be reflected in your production results.

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Stay in control of your business at all times. With the help of our experienced analysts, you can now steer your business strategy with connected, consolidated, and standardized data. Our business analysis specialists structure relevant raw data by transforming it into customized performance indicators that speak to you.

Our team of solution architects, business analysts, and programmer analysts understand your manufacturing reality. They can assist you with any type of software development that improves the circulation, visualization, and capture of your production information.

Information technology (IT) meets operational technology (OT). Communication between operational and information technology is the key to performance. To achieve effective communication, our experts will modernize your IT infrastructure, clarify the dynamics of data exchange, and link the flow of information with your machines.

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