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Implement and benefit from a high-performance manufacturing plant.

The complexity of manufacturing projects becomes most apparent when it comes time to implement. The investment of time and money is significant, and mistakes are not an option. Merkur is the manufacturing engineering partner that offers the best solution for your challenges and accompanies you every step of the way. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to increasing the capacity of your plant and improving its productivity. 

Our engineering and manufacturing project services

Are you facing challenges in managing your manufacturing project? Would you like to accelerate your capacity and obtain additional support for your teams? Whether it’s a matter of process improvement, new product introduction, plant reorganization, equipment and tooling modification and adjustment, our multidisciplinary teams are there to meet your needs. We take into account your budgetary constraints and your requirements (output, cycle time), but also the constraints that concern the building service component: electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Would you like to improve your assembly machines or simply modernize your tooling? Our experts are oriented towards the design, optimization, and modernization of production equipment. We will help you identify industrial automation opportunities to meet your needs for increased capacity or simply to overcome a lack of manpower. At Merkur, we develop the best possible solution, adapted and reliable, at the best possible cost for our customers. Our specialists will make your equipment efficient and safe so that they can produce quality products.

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To produce quality, no detail should be overlooked. Our experts ensure that your processes are flawless and repeatable. They develop assembly and manufacturing procedures, quality control processes, tools and templates that are simple and effective. By opting for this tailor-made formula, you guarantee to manufacture of quality products.

Our experts are ready to support your activities. They will accompany you directly on the floor to help you solve your production capacity issues. Working with your teams, our experts solve technical and quality issues and contribute to continuous improvement. 

Your business needs are numerous and complex. This is why our experts imagine and analyse several scenarios for you. They evaluate the technical feasibility, costs, and benefits, and then determine your return on investment. The chosen option is then optimised and creates the best possible added value for your company.

Manufacturing simulation helps you select the best scenarios, validate your assumptions, and visualize the results. Often, this solution is used to test different models and illustrate the real impact of your manufacturing project on your operations. Your projects will therefore be optimized, more efficient and less risky. 

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Palettes Perron optimized its assembly line in time for the construction of its new plant.

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