Operational excellence and industrial engineering

Improve the performance and profitability of your operations.

To boost profitability, you need efficient processes and a culture of business optimization. Whatever your needs—planning, OEE improvement, lean transformation, or operations management and optimization—our experts always present you with the best solution for your situation.

Our operational excellence and industrial engineering services

Got improvement plans but don’t know where to start? Our operational excellence and industrial engineering specialists will examine your productivity from every angle to offer an unbiased and uncompromising assessment of your company’s operations. This diagnostic process will serve as a base for a clear and realistic transformation plan adapted to your company and business environment.

Are your current facilities in tune with your business needs and ambitions? Are you short on capacity? Since 1994, Merkur’s specialists have helped revamp production facilities for hundreds of businesses. Our priority is to design a high-performance factory that meets your short, medium, and long-term objectives.

More than 60% of the activities in a traditional factory are non-value-added tasks. Our experts are committed to reducing waste in your operations by deploying lean best practices. Working with you, we build a sustainable culture of continuous improvement that delivers timely results.

Strategic sourcing and inventory management are complex tasks that can quickly become a burden for your teams. Merkur is committed to optimizing your inventory to help you avoid shortages and also strengthen business relationships with your suppliers. Your cash flow will thank you!

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Our team of operational excellence and industrial engineering specialists is made up of seasoned factory managers and executives. They can give your operations supervisors the coaching and tools they need to apply active supervision on a daily basis. Our team members are more than mere consultants, and are committed to ensuring your project managers develop effective reflexes.

Do your team’s daily actions and decisions really contribute to your strategic objectives? Good performance indicators allow you to accelerate decision-making and ensure your team’s efforts and initiatives align with your vision. The key to success lies in selecting indicators that motivate your team to take action.

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