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Palettes Perron optimizes its production line prior to building its new factory.

When a fire ravaged its factory, Palettes Perron needed to resume operations as quickly as possible, but it wanted to do so with a newly optimized facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology. To accomplish this, the company needed an agile partner to help design and start up its new factory.

Palettes Perron also wanted to use the opportunity to automate part of its production line and maximize production capacity. In addition to technological improvements, the strategic plan developed by Merkur focused on employee training and skills development. The goal? Ensure the company could continue meeting the quality and speed standards its loyal customers were accustomed to—a badge of quality for 50 years.

FlexSim software: a tailor-made solution for improving manufacturing performance.

During the design and start-up of the new factory, uncertainties remained about the choice and sizing of the conveyor system at the end of the production line. In order to optimize the solution and return on investment, Merkur’s team of experts used FlexSim software to compare various layout and equipment scenarios. This analysis allowed Palettes Perron to:


reduction in movement on the shop floor


reduction in equipment implementation time


increase in production capacity

The Merkur approach: a partnership that makes all the difference.

For Palettes Perron, Merkur’s involvement was an assurance of quality and versatility. Our partnership with the company facilitated strategic, operational, and financial decision-making, even within the very short project timeframe. In the end, Palettes Perron had the new production floor up and running in record time, even with the special care taken to optimize operations and secure the best technologies available on the market.

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