Carry out your automation projects with ease.

Manufacturing companies that successfully integrate automation projects have a better competitive advantage. Automation allows you to reduce repetitive and time-consuming tasks so that your human resources can be redirected to higher value-added activities. Through a structured approach, Merkur helps you introduce robotics, automation and process control technologies that make you more efficient in the realisation of your projects.

Our services in automation and robotics engineering

Our team carries out the simulation, the integration and the programming of ABB, Fanuc, KUKA and UR robots. By simulating the pathway, we are able to make the necessary adjustments, as well as carrying out precise tests as the machines are assembled.

System Solution Advisor FANUC

Merkur is a Fanuc certified system solution consultant. Let us take care of your robotic integration, both for your robotic system and the associated software. We are happy to work with end users and engineering.

Do you want to increase your capacity? Call on our experts to integrate and program Siemens and Allen Bradley PLCs. These PLCs are essential for production line changes or for additional sensors, and they also facilitate data collection.

If you lack the time and expertise to manage your robotics and PLC projects, leave it to us! We coordinate the work from A to Z and manage the various parties involved. Commissioning includes integration, programming, adjustment, and start-up. In addition, our team provides training for your human resources and offers all the production support you need.

Looking for solutions to optimize your robotics or machines? Our experts can advise you in choosing the best equipment to reduce your cycle time and avoid downtime. In addition, we take care of the equipment’s integration. Furthermore, if the project allows it, we can carry out non-production tests in order to meet your requirements.

You need a solid foundation to start your automation projects. Our team conducts a complete analysis of your immediate and future needs and constraints; in addition to conducting a technology watch specific to your industry. We then propose the best solutions and improvements to implement according to your real needs.

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