The Four Steps to a Successful Manufacturing Strategy!

In order to improve your manufacturing performance and maximize the return on your investments, it is essential to implement a good manufacturing strategy. Most manufacturing companies face production challenges. In fact, many business opportunities are currently unfulfilled due to lack of manpower and slowdowns throughout the supply chain. Using a multidisciplinary approach and a proven methodology, you can identify, develop and evaluate new solutions. Then, you can prioritize the best solutions to optimize your investments and achieve your goals. In this article, we propose a manufacturing strategy that can be broken down into four chronological steps.  

1- Assessment of the Current Situation and Best Practices

First, it is essential to review the company’s current situation in order to fully understand the context, strategic objectives, strengths and main challenges. Using continuous improvement tools, the analysis allows us to identify opportunities. Using current capacity data, sales projections, floor observations and interviews with key personnel, we conduct a new Value Stream Mapping (VSM).   

After understanding the current situation and following up on its diagnosis, our experts evaluate the deployment of best practices in operations management, work methods, plant layout and logistics. 

2- Technology Optimization / Automation and Digital Solutions

In order to generate labor savings and maximize value-added work, teamwork helps implement innovative ideas for technology integration. We evaluate relevant technologies that can be profitably implemented such as: automation, new tooling development, equipment modernization and digital technologies. The analyses are performed according to the priorities identified in the previous step. 

3- Development of the Optimized Global Solution

The opportunities generated during the previous phases are analyzed and prioritized to be integrated into a few proposed scenarios. We combine best practice opportunities and technology solutions to create the best scenarios to meet the strategic objectives. Different concepts of solutions are compared. This approach allows to optimize the return on investment and the performance of the solution. 

4- Development of the Transformation Plan

The selected solutions are separated into implementation projects that allow us to establish a transformation plan taking into account the company’s capacity, ensuring an optimal deployment sequence and a focus on generating quick wins. The sequence of the different projects is established according to priorities in order to facilitate the implementation and integration with operations. The transformation plan facilitates the mobilization of teams, allows for more strategic requests for financial support to the various organizations, and improves deployment performance. 


In all the projects we have carried out, our experts have often found that preparation time is often neglected despite its very high added value in major projects. It is essential to have a good plan to mobilize already overloaded resources. Their manufacturing expertise, their methodology and their multidisciplinary approach make MERKUR experts your best allies when it comes to implementing the different steps that will lead you to success. We invite you to contact our team who will be pleased to accompany you in your projects. 


MERKUR  is a firm of experts in manufacturing performance and innovation and has been doing so for over 25 years. From strategy to execution, its sole objective is to make Quebec’s manufacturing companies more efficient by offering innovative solutions in product development, operational excellence, manufacturing engineering, automation and smart factory. Merkur is proud to contribute to innovation and productivity in Quebec!

KHROME PRODUIT TRANSPORT is a manufacturing integrator located in Drummondville specialized in the design and manufacturing of train car interiors and exteriors. Its strength comes from its great engineering capacity and its manufacturing agility. Among its customer portfolio, there are major manufacturers such as Alstom, Bombardier Transportation and Kawasaki Rail Car.

SYNKRO is a software developed by Merkur and designed specifically for high-performance manufacturers. It collects, classifies, and distributes the right data to the right people at the right time. SYNKRO gives you a real vision of your operations. SYNKRO is the software solution that finally connects your floor and your offices!


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