Improve the Performance of your Metal Processing Plant with Digital Technologies

With the current challenges faced by the manufacturing sector, metal transformation plants must think of new solutions to manage their operations and improve their performance. With the implementation of digital solutions, companies now have access to real-time production data, allowing a better understanding of existing problems, and the ability to act on them more quickly. All of this leads to a higher performance, improved costs and better delivery times. In this article, you will see how you can follow this path and improve the performance of your metal processing plant.

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The Stakes

Metal fabrication companies operate in a very complex environment: operators must routinely execute a large quantity of work orders for a multitude of small production batches to be delivered over short periods of time. In addition, the obvious lack of welders and specialized workers complicates the planning and management of operations.   The various mandates carried out for our clients in the metal transformation industry have allowed us to see the importance of being agile, optimizing operations management and improving reaction time. In this context, an investment in digitization and decision support tools should be one of the preferred solutions. 


Depending on the strategic and operational objectives of the company, it is important to define the right key performance indicators. In order to create the right KPIs, it will be necessary to determine which measurement elements and their source should be taken into consideration. 

What are the Most Relevant Performance Indicators?

Measuring the overall efficiency rate (OER) of the machine fleet is a simple indicator to measure in real time. It provides an overview of the performance of equipment in relation to standards as well as their level of reliability. The value of the data collected by the OER makes it possible to identify problems, accelerate reaction time and improve the quality of decisions to solve problems at the source. This strategy generates a considerable increase in the production capacity of a plant 

Productivity indicators measure the performance of your human resources, i.e., the ratio between the number of people required to produce goods or services and the result obtained. Whether at the operator, supervisor or management level, these indicators will give you the right idea of the efficiency of your teams. In a context of labor shortage, these indicators guide your decisions towards productivity improvement and production process optimization.  


The indicators for delivery times and throughput times are essential for metal processing plants. Delivery times and the ability to react quickly condition their success with their customers. In this context, performance is calculated with the delivery rate. The delivery rate is obtained over a given period, by dividing the orders delivered on time by the orders received. 



The key to OEE

It takes into consideration the three main measures of manufacturing performance

Productive Utilization Rate (PU in %)

Machine Performance Rate (MPR in %)

Product Quality Rate (TQ in %)

The FIT index = TU x TP x TQ

Connect your Metal Processing Plant with SYNKRO

Dynamic and efficient operations management is a challenge and an important success factor in metal processing. 


SYNKRO is a comprehensive and flexible solution to optimize equipment performance, employee productivity and operations management.  


SYNKRO automates in real time the collection, analysis and distribution of performance indicators and production data. The use of this data allows for faster and better decision making by the various stakeholders. In addition, communication and mobilization of these stakeholders is greatly facilitated. 


SYNKRO has several features to assist operators in their daily tasks to save time and make their work easier. Working with SYNKRO is like being guided by a GPS that assists you in your driving instead of searching on a paper road map! 


SYNKRO makes it easier for people to work together and brings a sense of confidence and peace of mind. This scalable, flexible, and accessible solution allows managers to have a better overview, secures them and helps them to be more efficient. SYNKRO is the solution to innovate and reach your objectives. 


The metal processing companies we support in the shift to Industry 4.0 are experiencing improved performance and productivity. They are innovative, efficient and have better assets to attract and retain workforce. We invite you to contact our Merkur experts who will be pleased to assist you in your project 



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