Is your Company Ready to Make the Transition to Electrification ?

Are you wondering about the impact of transportation electrification on your manufacturing company ? Do you want to be accompanied to make the right choice for your company ? This article will certainly meet your needs.

The transportation sector has been shaken up in recent years by the development of new technologies, forcing industries to constantly evolve. Several business functions are affected by electrification. Thus, companies must now adapt, whether it be in manufacturing operations, product engineering or in the way their ways of sourcing.

The electrification of transportation brings with it its share of challenges and issues for manufacturers. Are you ready to meet them?

1- How Manufacturing Companies are impacted by the Electrification of Transportation

In order to take the electric turn in the right direction, it is essential to be clear about this evolution. Here are 3 functions of your company that will need to evolve.

Understand the impact on Manufacturing Strategies

The evolution towards new systems and technologies has an impact on manufacturing strategies. They must now take into account new issues in operations and assembly sequences. This translates into a need to upgrade production equipment as well as the need for specific training to reinforce skills.

The global manufacturing strategy must be adapted to become more agile, modular and evolving. This new approach will make it possible to deal with a constantly changing market and new customer expectations.

Understand the impact on Product Development

Today, systems must be reinvented, and the development possibilities for electric vehicles are immense.

First, the battery itself requires special attention to ensure that it is well integrated into the power transmission chain. Its weight plays an important role: it must be well distributed and compensated by lightening the vehicle structures.

Changing an internal combustion engine to an electric motor necessarily leads to the development of common systems. For example, heating and air conditioning must become autonomous and rely on an electrical power supply to operate.

All these changes lead to a review of the global engineering of a product, including the way in which assembly and maintenance will be carried out.

Understand the impact on the Supply Chain

The multiplication of product developments integrating new technologies increases the demand for specific Intelligent Electric Transport (IET) components on supply chains that are already under heavy pressure. To mitigate this risk, it is essential for companies to rely on their network of suppliers.

Particular attention must be paid to subcontractors who develop new components to ensure that their obsolescence is controlled, a phenomenon that must be considered with the transfer of mechanical functions to electronic systems.

Finally, the IET industry will need an innovative and agile supply chain to meet the need for rapid commercialization of new time to market systems.

2- How to be accompanied in your Electric Shift ?

As you have seen, there are many points to consider in order to make your electric transition a success.

The need for a qualified workforce

Working in the electric transportation sector offers exciting engineering and development challenges in wiring, power management, digital technologies and motorization. A successful electrical transition requires a skilled and versatile workforce to complete these transformation projects. Merkur can fill your labor gap with qualified electrification experts.

The importance of core competencies in the field of Intelligent Electric Transport

The increase in digital technologies and major connectivity on this type of vehicle requires the development of new key skills in the fields of systems integration, electricity, electronics, mechanics, embedded systems and mechatronics.

Even if the interest in electrification is relatively new, Merkur is now mature on this subject. Our experts have evolved and increased their skills since the beginning of the electrification of transport.

Surround yourself with mature partners on the subject of electrification: An asset !

Merkur is a partner of Propulsion Québec, an electric and intelligent transportation group. Its goal is to accelerate and support the development of Quebec’s electric and intelligent transportation ecosystem. This way, they want to reinvent tomorrow’s mobility and envisage a real energy transition.

Propulsion Québec has piloted several programs such as the En route !, targeting the development of careers in the electric and intelligent transportation sector in Quebec.

As a member of Propulsion Québec, Merkur will be present at the new edition of Impulsion, International Summit on Electric and Intelligent Transportation, March 13-15, 2023 at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal.

This summit is an opportunity for Merkur to :

  • Meet the major players in sustainable mobility in Quebec and internationally.
  • Learn about the latest technological advances in sustainable mobility.
  • Create collaborative projects.
  • Generate business opportunities related to IET.

Discover the Merkur stand at Impulsion :


As you can see, the electrification of transportation will necessarily shake up your habits. Whether you need to implement an effective manufacturing strategy, evolve your products or adapt your supply chain, the keys to success will be agility, modularity and the ability to evolve rapidly.

By surrounding yourself with partners, with qualified experts, technical skills in electrification and knowledge of current market trends, you will be able to meet these new challenges. Do not hesitate to surround yourself with a team of Merkur experts who will accompany you in your electric shift.


MERKUR was founded in 1994 as an engineering consulting firm working for manufacturing companies inside and outside of Quebec. At Merkur we are known for our in-depth offers and our knowledge of small, medium, and large manufacturing companies. Here at Merkur we are proud contributors of innovation and productivity in Quebec, for over the past 25 years!

KHROME PRODUCT TRANSPORT is an integrated manufacturing company located in Drummondville Quebec, specializing in the design and manufacturing of interior and exterior train cars. Its strength lies in its strong engineering capacity and manufacturing agility. Among its main clients are Alstom, Bombardier Transportation and Kawasaki Rail Car.

SYNKRO is a software solution developed by Merkur and designed specifically for high-performance manufacturers. It collects, classifies, and distributes the right data to the right people at the right time. Synkro gives you real insight into your operations. Synkro is the software solution that finally connects your floor and your office!

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