How Can You Accelerate Your Transition to Electrification ?

The electrification of transport is unavoidable, meaning the industry will need to undergo a major transformation and adaptation of products. Re-engineering is necessary to optimize products and make them perform. To accelerate your transition to electrification, we propose 3 strategies focused on the development of new technologies and suppliers. 

1. Accelerate product and system transformation

Before you start transforming products and adapting them to electrification, you need to make sure you understand the impacts of the changes that will be made to the current product design. To do this, carry out a comparative analysis of the current and final product to identify the final product’s key features, requirements, and technical specifications.  In addition, adopt an agile product development strategy that includes simulation and design in the manufacturing process and collaborates with specialized experts to save time.

2. Capitalize on supplier expertise in product development

Aligning yourself with strategic supply partners is key to giving you the capacity you need when you need it. Ultimately, your suppliers want to sell their products, so they will be willing to provide you with the necessary product development resources and technical design skills. Capitalize on their expertise and leverage Joint Design by integrating suppliers early in your product development process. This will give you access to new solutions that will optimize manufacturing costs and save you development time. 

How do you find these strategic partners? Monitor and visit suppliers to find those who are dynamic, open and above all, innovative. Analyze your supplier portfolio and identify those who perform well. Also, ask your internal resources to identify the best suppliers who meet the qualification criteria and quality requirements. 

3. Work on developing manufacturing capacity in parallel

In parallel with the product development process, establish a manufacturing strategy to identify what you want to insource or outsource based on your capacity and investment plans. First, identify your company’s strengths, manufacturing capacity and production capability. Then, simulate the impact of the new product on your operations and consider different manufacturing scenarios as a result of this simulation. All of these steps will help guide your “make or buy” decisions. You will also need to prepare a manufacturing transformation and capacity increase plan to evolve your plant while evolving the new product.  

The success of your transition to electrification depends on several key factors, including the multi-disciplinary nature of your team and its ability to work collaboratively. In addition, integrated project management and integration of the supplier network into your product development process will save you time. It is certain that with a well-established game plan and the right experts, you will be able to significantly accelerate your transition to electrification.  If your company needs support in implementing an effective manufacturing strategy or to evolve your products, contact the experts at Merkur!


MERKUR was founded in 1994 as an engineering consulting firm working for manufacturing companies inside and outside of Quebec. At Merkur we are known for our in-depth offers and our knowledge of small, medium, and large manufacturing companies. Here at Merkur we are proud contributors of innovation and productivity in Quebec, for over the past 25 years!

KHROME PRODUCT TRANSPORT is an integrated manufacturing company located in Drummondville Quebec, specializing in the design and manufacturing of interior and exterior train cars. Its strength lies in its strong engineering capacity and manufacturing agility. Among its main clients are Alstom, Bombardier Transportation and Kawasaki Rail Car.

SYNKRO is a software solution developed by Merkur and designed specifically for high-performance manufacturers. It collects, classifies, and distributes the right data to the right people at the right time. Synkro gives you real insight into your operations. Synkro is the software solution that finally connects your floor and your office!

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