How does Merkur Support Your Automation Engineering Projects?

Are you an integrator? Do you work for an industrial company?Are you facing capacity shortage issues?

At Merkur, we’re well aware that staff shortages are currently affecting companies of all sizes. These companies are running out of steam. Recruitment and retention issues will affect them until at least 2030. To counter this shortage, companies are increasingly trying to automate their processes. Gone are the days when automation was aimed solely at increasing capacity. Today, automation can reduce your occupational health and safety issues, minimize production variations caused by staff shortages, or even better, mobilize your existing staff by assigning them to new tasks.

As experts in automation strategy and engineering, our Merkur teams can help you meet these challenges, whatever your size or situation.

Whether you’re an integrator or an industrial company.Whether you don’t know what to automate, where to start, or how to do it. Whether you’ve already defined your automation strategy, but don’t have the resources to implement it.

Merkur can help.

In this article, you’ll find all the information you need to understand Merkur’s support in terms of automation strategy and engineering, in order to get the maximum benefit from it.

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Depending on your needs, you can choose from a range of support options, for even greater flexibility.

You don’t know where to start with your industrial automation project, or some aspects of your projects are unfamiliar to you?

We can support you at every step of the way, whatever your difficulties:

  • Directly on site with you: you’ll benefit from a one-off addition of resources, enabling you to level out your manpower requirements as your project evolves.

  • By work package in the project office: this mode of support offers you greater flexibility without having to be on your premises. You define the objectives and deliverables. Merkur accompanies you in the execution of this mandate, saving you considerable time.

  • Collaborative project mode: Merkur deploys a multidisciplinary team to guide, manage and execute your project. Joint project governance and client-approved decisions promote rapid project start-up, little management on your part, and effective collaboration

Merkur is involved in every phase of your automation project, from strategy to engineering.

Merkur supports you in your automation strategy.

Our teams of automation experts take the time with you to understand your motivations for automating (e.g., increasing your repeatability, solving your labor challenges, increasing your capacity, etc.) to align your strategy with your objectives.

At the same time, our experts analyze your environment and constraints to provide you with the best possible advice.

Merkur can support you in automation and robotics for all these actions:

  • Analysis of needs and constraints,
  • Concept development: risk assessment,
  • Preliminary engineering,
  • Concept simulation, such as robotized/automated cell simulation, to better communicate it to your managers,
  • Component selection.

Contact our experts to find out more.

Merkur, experts in automation engineering, will help you commission your equipment.

You’ve defined your project in-house. You’ve done business with an equipment manufacturer but don’t know how to interconnect your machines? 

Don’t have the resources to program your automation solution? 

Merkur is involved in programming your industrial equipment on several levels!

1-Support in the detailed engineering of your robotic and automated solutions.

Merkur offers you a programming and debugging service for HMI, PLC and/or robot equipment, whatever your situation:

  • To free up your time so you can concentrate on higher priority tasks
  • To overcome a temporary lack of resources. You already have an automation department in your company, but you’re overloaded!

We can also work directly with your team with our industrial programming outsourcing service. Contact our experts to find out more

2-Support in the manufacture and installation of your equipment

At Merkur, we don’t manufacture your automated equipment, but rather orchestrate your manufacturing and machine installation project.

We make sure that the right people are involved, at the right time, in each phase of the project: integrators, electricians…

3-Support in commissioning and optimizing your machines.

Our automation team is there to support you in the final stages of your project, right through to commissioning!

Our experts carry out pre-operational checks and out-of-production tests with your equipment directly on your floor.

Once your automated or robotized solution is up and running, our support doesn’t stop there. We take care of machine optimization.

If your machine needs to increase its output, we’ll come to you to draw up a game plan and optimize your machine.


To minimize the risk of failure of your automation project, you need the right support. A poorly defined strategy will result in a poorly defined budget, and a project that cannot be completed. Poorly executed engineering will lengthen the duration of your project and increase its associated costs. 

It’s to eliminate these risks that our experts mobilize and collaborate with your teams to support you in your automation project. Our mission is to help you make your project a success, while minimizing your costs.  

At Merkur, we don’t play favorites. We help deliver projects for those who need it. Whether you’re an integrator with a surplus of projects, or a small or large company looking to move into automation.  We can adapt to any situation. We can work on small projects lasting a few months, or on large-scale projects, with a support approach tailored to your needs: from automation strategy to automation engineering. 

With the knowledge of all our resources combined, we have an in-house support circle should the need arise. You’ll be lucky to have the right experts at the right time for your project.

Contact us to discuss your project. 

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