5 Reasons to Review Your Manufacturing Strategy

Whether you are trying to increase production capacity, integrate new technologies or are facing a slowdown or labour shortages, these challenges and opportunities can place additional pressure on your manufacturing management team. Facing these changes, oftentimes can overburden a management team when this happens it is time to review your manufacturing strategy. Below we have listed the top 5 reasons why reviewing your manufacturing strategy can help your company.

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1. Production capacity and workforce challenges

How can a manufacturing company increase its production capacity by 20% or 40% without adding significant manpower? A good approach is to work on your manufacturing strategy. This exercise allows you to think differently, to identify new solutions and technologies, to evaluate and prioritise them. These are then organised into a transformation plan that considers returns on investment, best sequence, and implementation capacity. This game plan mobilises your teams towards profitable technologies and concrete solutions to achieve your goals!

2. Integration of new technologies or automation projects

Manufacturing processes are evolving rapidly. New, more automated equipment is coming onto the market and new robotic technologies are emerging. These changes can be so significant that they may require a review of your manufacturing strategy. For example, a more efficient automated machine may require a plant redesign and a review of other manufacturing processes. These changes will maximize the potential of your new machine!

3. Digital transformation

The implementation of new digital technologies in a factory and the potential they bring may require a review of your manufacturing strategy. Taking an extra step back to look at the opportunities for improvement available will transform your manufacturing operations. This is because these technologies can eliminate steps and may require a reorganisation of work and processes.

4. Changing products or customer orders

A manufacturing company producing new products or increasing the level of customisation should review its manufacturing strategy. This will help to set the plan for transforming its operations to be more agile. A well-thought-out manufacturing strategy allows the company to evolve its facilities to accommodate new products.

5. Major investment project

Are you looking to invest in a new plant, or do you need an expansion? This is the right time to review your manufacturing strategy. Carrying out this rigorous analysis will allow us to apply good practices, optimise the project and improve the return on investment. This way we avoid automating and digitising waste. This is an interesting opportunity to reinvent your business!

Our experience confirms that a combination of these reasons often generates a need to rethink manufacturing strategy. We help manufacturing companies take advantage of new technologies and best practices to achieve their business goals. If it is time for you to your Merkur consultant!

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