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Manufacturing industry

Standardizing Production Through Digital Transformation

Our client, Canam Group, specializes in the design and manufacture of metal components for the construction industry in North America. With the acquisition of three plants located in Shawinigan, Laval and Quebec, Canam Group wanted to find a solution to remotely monitor the status of its machinery in order to implement production improvements.

Our Team’s Mission


The implementation of our SYNKRO software in each of the three plants allowed us to gather a maximum of information to align the manufacturing strategies. SYNKRO demonstrated its versatility by connecting to a wide variety of machines and protocols at the three sites. SYNKRO has allowed the collection of data on machines such as TRAX CNCs with their Heindenhain protocol or Fanuc with their FOCAS protocol, on PowerWave welding stations with their REST API or on OTC welding robots with their OPC UA protocol. This information includes utilization rate, machine alarms, welding data and real-time machining status. It is now easier for our client to consolidate the information collected in each of its plants, regardless of machine type. This allows them to have a better visibility on what is happening in the plant with the help of web dashboards, which can be accessed remotely. 

Merkur’s contribution :

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