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Numerical Simulation for the Company Pro Pac Industries

Comparative Structural Analysis of a Delimber Head  

Pro Pac Industries, a major company in the forestry domain, wanted to carry out a major upgrade of its product line. To meet their needs and obtain assistance in the design and improvement of various delimber head models, they called on Merkur’s numerical simulation experts.  

Merkur’s Mandate 

Our numerical simulation experts, in collaboration with Pro Pac Industries, established load cases that accurately represent the forces experienced by the delimber head during operation, and then carried out a comparative structural analysis of two delimber head versions. 

Following this analysis, the structure of the new delimber head was optimized to reduce stresses at weak points and increase its performance according to the criteria established by Pro Pac Industries team.

Simulation methodology  

In order to identify and deploy the best design optimization opportunities, the project was divided into two stages.  

In the first stage, the load cases that best represent the operational and failure cases of the existing head components were established. This stage involved multiple analyses to better understand and simulate the loads carried by the head structure.  

Following the determination of the load cases, the second step involved a finite element analysis of the new delimber head. The aim of this stage was to achieve the same level of performance as the existing delimber head, while ensuring that the failure cases would be taken into account. Following the analyses, several improvements to the head design and choice of material were proposed to meet performance requirements and lighten the head structure. These recommendations enabled Pro Pac Industries to reduce its product development costs. 

Finite Element Analysis of a Delimber Head under Static Loads


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