A successful digital transition for Metalus’s new smart factory

Metalus specializes in sheet metal fabrication. The company, which has seen steady growth since 1988, found itself at an impasse created by a logistics problem: its 125 employees were having to manually distribute more than 1000 work orders a week.

This old-fashioned process posed serious challenges for order distribution, management, and follow-up. By digitizing its operations, the company was able to capitalize on real-time access to its production data, achieving dramatic efficiency gains and significant cost and lead-time reductions.

Digitizing operations: a first step toward Factory 4.0

In order to successfully digitize Metalus’s work orders, Merkur:

Over 1000 work orders digitally processed per week


increase in operational efficiency


reduction in errors

Metalus achieves outstanding success with its first digital project.

With the help of Merkur’s experts and SYNKRO software, Metalus successfully made the transition to a smart factory. The digitization of work orders did more than just eliminate paper from the company’s daily operations. Thanks to Merkur’s multidisciplinary approach, the switch to digital also gave company managers real-time access to production data. This invaluable information has become an indispensable tool that enables management to take rapid action fast when human intervention is required.

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