Manufacturing industry

Development of a Military Aircraft Tractor 

TLD Canada specializes in the development and manufacturing of airport ground support equipment and offers a complete range of civil and military products. The company wanted to develop a new specialized vehicle to meet military requirements, optimize assembly time and facilitate maintenance. They called upon the experts at Merkur to accelerate the development of this new vehicle. 

Merkur’s Mandate

Contribute to the engineering, the vehicle design, the project management, the preparation of technical documents for manufacturing and maintenance.  

The collaboration with Merkur allowed TLD to build a specialized technical team of mechanical engineers and technicians. They set up the project management processes and the technological watch with the suppliers. With a wealth of experience in the development of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems, they were entrusted with the integration of these systems. The multidisciplinary team took charge of the 3D modeling, the finite element analysis (numerical simulation), the manufacturing drawings as well as the development of the maintenance manual and procedures. 

Main Challenges


Benefits of the Collaboration with Merkur

Put performance at the core of your company’s success.

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