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Design of Tooling to Support the Recreational Boat Production Line 

The recreational boat industry is a highly competitive market where product customization is essential. The partnership between Merkur and its customer has enabled the latter to implement the solutions best suited to its needs.

In the context of highly diversified products with a multitude of options, developing a unit flow and assembly line with short lead times is essential to maintain market leadership.

Merkur’s team takes pride in helping its customer launch new products every year.

Merkur’s Mandate 

Merkur accompanied its client in the production of a new range of recreational boats: Aluminium Pontoons and Boats.

In helping to understand and analyze its production line, Merkur was involved in the design of jigs. The purpose of these jigs was to position and hold the parts together during the assembly stages.




different tools designed




of design time spent on a tooling


designers on the project

Trolley 1.jpg
Mobile assembly fixture with pneumatic option.
Under assembly boat structure. Quick positioning of the main parts. The fixture is used for riveting and mechanical assembly operations and for the installation of aesthetic components.
Production fixture with reversal option. Boat cabinet sub-assembly. 360° handling for easy access by the installer. The fixture is used for rivet and mechanical assembly operations, installation of aesthetic components and electrical installation.

Main challenges overcome by Merkur

Merkur's expertise for this project

La méthode Merkur :
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