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Major projects for several large corporations!

The leaders in the transport sector are constantly pushing back the boundaries of technology and design to upgrade the industry's standards. Their accomplishments are based on environmental safety standards at all times.

Since 1994, Merkur has developed specialized and customized solutions for equipment manufacturers and transport products manufacturers. We have a high level of expertise in systems engineering projects, optimization of production operations and assembly projects as well as logistics and supply chain projects. We distance the competition by developing and implementing global solutions which optimize product engineering, manufacturing and assembly processes, production operations and productivity while mobilizing people.




  • Development and Start-up of New Product Production
  • Modularization and Standardization of Product Line
  • Modeling and Design of Complex Mechanical and Electrical Systems
  • Comprehensive Expertise in Manufacturing Engineering (layouts, selection of equipment, tooling development & methodologies, quality control, ...)
  • Manufacturing Agility and One-piece Flow Production
  • Global Projects of Cost Reduction


Our experts can partner with you for specific one-time projects or outsourcing projects.