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Major projects for several large corporations!

In the heavy industry and process sector, innovation has to synchronize with the efficiency of large equipment and the complexity of production lines so it can offer value-added products and services. The solutions Merkur develops and suggests are customized and adjusted to each of our client's specific project. They help reduce costs, reduce releases, strengthen the efficiency and reliability of the equipment, and consequently, improve the overall performance of the company.

We distance the competition by developing and implementing relevant and fitted solutions that enhance a global vision of the operations by optimizing altogether the products, processes, production and productivity while mobilizing the work teams.




  • Maintenance and Reliability Optimization
  • Planning and Preparing Major Shutdowns
  • Infrastructure and Utilities Management
  • Automation, Reconstruction and Modernization of Equipment
  • Comprehensive Industrial Expertise (plant layout, selection of equipment, development of processes & methods, quality control, ...)
  • Securing and Improving Work Stations
  • Optimization of Production Line Efficiency


Our experts can partner with you for specific one-time projects or outsourcing projects.