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Operational Excellence


Our clients look for operational excellence, and so do we! Our team is concerned about our industries’ competitiveness and as such, partakes to the creation of efficient and competitive businesses. Just like you, we do know how important it is to deploy concrete solutions rapidly. As partner for our clients, we assist them in the development of their business. Your issues are important to us and we develop tailored solutions made to meet your specific needs.

Our strength: Present customized and targeted recommendations to meet your requirements and allow you to stay on top and competitive, whatever the project.

  • Expert knowledge of the ISO 9001:2008 standard and PPAP and FAI processes
  • Connaissances des normes QS9000, AS9100, NADCAP
  • Knowledge of QS9000, AS9100 and NADCAP standards
  • Expert knowledge of methods and tools in statistical analysis of quality
  • Lean thinking and problem solving
  • Six sigma Agents(MBB, BB, GB)
  • ACE Pilots

Measuring up means involving several players and experiencing concrete victories! Merkur contributes to synchronizing your actions on a daily basis because team work is the key to improving your overall effectiveness.

Your administrative nightmare stops right here! Administrative efficiency is based on simple and structured principles of organization. Defined, known and synchronized roles combined with interdepartmental relations save an inestimable amount of time.

All the decisions made today will impact the results and health of your company in 5, 10, 20 years from now. Merkur’s experts guide you to help you envision further ahead and reach your goals!

Small inventory and great diversity, are they really compatible? It all depends on a solid logistics strategy. Merkur knows how to make your supply chain efficient, agile and competitive.

Plan for the unexpected and the unforeseen shut downs. Yes, that’s right! It is in fact possible to take control over the failures, shut downs and non-quality products… Our experts develop maintenance plans for you so you can improve your equipment’s efficiency.