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Design of 7.62 Meters Jigs for Train Roofs, and Optimization of Operations


Innovation, operation efficiency and ergonomics safety are the core objectives of our client’s project. Our client must develop new production and assembly technologies forcing them to completely think outside the box! Indeed, precise, delicate and large dimension assemblies had to be produced at a specialized supplier’s facility and then be moved and installed at our client’s facility.


The challenge of this project consisted in developing a global and optimized solution in terms of methods, tooling and transportation. This solution was to be integrated in the supplier’s production, transportation, positioning and final assembly at our client’s facility. The tooling developed was to minimize operations, protect parts, guarantee precision as well as the location in the final assembly.


Merkur’s resources have concretely accomplished the following tasks which helped our client to surpass its expectations and goals: 

  • Develop a high precision jig 7.62 meters long;
  • Reduce initial assembly time from 40 to 8 hours, and handling time by 50%;
  • Replace assembly operations, previously performed on the roof once the jig was in place, by an ergonomic work station adjustable in its height and rotation while reducing assembly time and reducing SST risks to the maximum;
  • Perform design and tooling engineering allowing to combine 4 major steps of the assembly process:
  • Assembly of subsystems at the supplier’s facility;
  • Transportation between our client and his supplier including handling via lift truck or traveling bridge crane;
  • Location in the final assembly;
  • Final assembly at our client’s facility;
  • Optimizing the layout in order to eventually accommodate assembly of 6 roof structures simultaneously;
  • Creating ergonomic work stations allowing for efficient assembly methods (2 operators per station);
  • Calculation and validation for certification of lifting equipment and risk analysis.

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