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Industry Training: Why Apply the TWI Method

January 22, 2020
Industry Training: Why Apply the TWI Method

What is Training Within Industry (TWI)?

The TWI is a method that was developed in the United States in 1940-1945 to facilitate the knowledge transfer and to make the training of new personnel more effective in time of war. This training efficiency also makes it possible to improve productivity in a limited time. It allows, among others, to develop five essential abilities:

  1. Job instruction training
  2. Job relations training
  3. Job method training
  4. Job safety training
  5. Program development, problem solving training

The TWI is a participative approach that simply explains why tasks are done in one way or another. The operator understands what he is doing and can more easily convey the information.

7 Benefits of Incorporating the TWI Method into Your Company


  1. Reduces training time

The training time will be reduced considerably because once properly taught to your employee, the work instructions will not have to be repeated later. Although TWI training requires more time in the beginning, this time will be regained afterwards since your employee will know his work better. It is mainly the job instruction training and job method training abilities that will be used to reduce training time.

“100% of companies have reduced training time by more than 25%.” (TWI Summit, 2016)

  1. Increases productivity

Since your employees will know their work better, they will be more effective because of the work instructions previously taught by your managers. With improved working methods, productivity will only increase.

“86% of companies increased their production by more than 25%.” (TWI Summit, 2016)

  1. Reduces losses

Repeating the work instructions several times to your employee allows him to better integrate them and thus reduce the risk of errors. Again, improving work methods is beneficial for your production. Fewer mistakes are made and therefore optimize the return in the absence of losses.

“55% reduced their losses by more than 25%.” (TWI Summit, 2016)

  1. Lower internal conflicts

The TWI method allows managers, those who teach the job, and employees, those who learn the job, to build positive working relationships, to develop cooperation and to resolve internal conflicts more easily. This is about developing the TWI job relation ability.

“100% of companies have reduced internal conflicts by more than 25%.” (TWI Summit, 2016)

  1. Develops the managers abilities

Teaching work instructions to employees is also beneficial to managers. They will be able to better isolate problems and implement solutions to correct them. Thus, both managers and employees will develop the job method training of the TWI program.

  1. Makes operations safer

Since employees know their work better because of the repeated instructions by their manager, they make fewer mistakes and thus make their work environment safer. Developing the job safety training ability is important in the TWI process.

  1. Provides measurable and quantifiable results

The TWI is one of the few programs that can quickly achieve measurable and quantifiable results in all areas. Companies can only achieve satisfactory results following the application of the TWI program in their factories. It is because of a manager close to employees to teach them the good working methods that results as mentioned above can become real.

Develop a TWI program with the Merkur’s help

Merkur’s engineers supported the implementation of a TWI program by working with their clients in order to enable them to benefit from significant results as an increased productivity. In a context where it is difficult to recruit, Merkur believes that the simplification of training processes, the facilitation of knowledge transfer and the relational development of managers through the TWI are additional assets to integrate and retain its workforce.

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