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Gaining the Manufacturing Edge : Agility and Quick Reaction Time of the Engineering Teams

December 15, 2016

Success in the manufacturing industry in recent years is contingent upon two critical factors: agility and quick reaction time. Embodying these traits is essential for appropriately responding to the rapidly changing market environment and maintaining an edge over the competition. Organizational decision-makers must move quickly based on their objectives in addition to external market factors. By taking an aggressive stance in regards to these shifts in the market environment, a company can:

  • Respond well to the ups-and-downs of the economy
  • Maintain market share in the face of emerging competitors
  • Prepare itself for the effect of a political decision that affects industry
  • Capitalize when a new market segment offering potential for rapid growth opens up

Leading Decisively, Rapidly

Engineering and R&D departments are often at the forefront of this swift decision-making process. Therefore, their leadership must demonstrate agility and decisiveness in developing a new designs, or even a new product for the first time. In order to meet these demands, it is not uncommon for leaders of development teams to double or even triple their staffing to avoid putting any of the current operations at risk.

Take Fourgons Plus, a fictional company for example. This well-established company specializes in the manufacturing of vans and was previously focusing on commercial services, such as in the business services sector. But a new business segment focused on the security of both goods and passengers has emerged. Decisions-makers deem that Fourgons Plus is well positioned to capitalize on this new opportunity.


They discover that customers in this segment want to enjoy the standard benefits and quality of the company van, with the added level of appropriate security technology integrated as well. In order to be first to the finish line, the engineering teams at Fourgons must be able to assemble the best possible team of experts in a timely manner. A slight delay in assembling these teams can be the difference between aggressive expansion and a waning competitive position in the market.

The Merkur Engineering Support

Merkur Engineering is well equipped to support businesses as they take on these challenges, due in large part to its phenomenal team of experts who are capable of:

 Managing and delivering major systems’ development projects;

  • Demonstrating their recognized experience in ground transport sector (road, electrical or recreational vehicles);
  • Deploying technical expertise in mechanical design, electrical design, manufacturing processes and production launch;
  • Taking account of added value components for the end-user

 In this rapidly developing environment where new systems and technologies create new sectors seemingly every year, it is vitally important that your organization is well-equipped to quickly capitalize on new opportunities for expansion. Merkur Engineering has a proven track record of best product development practices, thus making us the perfect partner for any growing company.

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