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The company started in January 1994, providing engineering consulting services in the manufacturing field. Martin Dufour, founder and CEO of Merkur, took up the challenge by offering his expertise through his own company, leading to the creation of Merkur.


1994, Merkur opened its first office in Sherbrooke

Over the years, the team of engineers and technicians grew. Along the way, the need for 3D modeling and mechanical design forced the company adapt and expand. The number of mandates increased and diversified, and the company developed a solid expertise in industrial engineering.Some years later, the team grew with the addition of professionals with a passion for engineering and design; new services were added, among which were systems engineering and product development.

2010, Merkur opened an office in St-Bruno-de-Montarville

The manufacturing agility practice was developed and deployed for a major client, which, when combined with the operational excellence expertise, attracted more and more interest from the industrial companies of the Monteregie region. This increase in demand justified the establishment of a new facility in the Montreal area.

2012, Merkur expands and moves into new offices in Sherbrooke

During the past four years, the company has experienced an average annual growth of 25%. Merkur’s services have continued to diversify, allowing several industrial companies to reach new outstanding levels of competitiveness.Over time, the company has firmly positioned itself among the leading consulting engineering firms in Québec.

2013, Merkur’s shareholders acquire a second company

Merkur’s shareholders acquired a second company that would become Khrome Product Transport, a systems integrator and manufacturer of components in the transit transportation sector. To support and assist Khrome’s team in their development and engineering, Merkur officially established a facility in Drummondville in 2015. With this initiative, the company deploys its expertise in the Centre du Quebec area and aims to be a key contributor to the industrial growth of the region.Merkur’s success comes from the multidisciplinary expertise of over 85 professionals and an overall vision of the issues their clients are faced with. Not to mention more than 575 satisfied clients! The projects that Merkur has completed, performed on the account of major international and Quebec industrial companies, as well as smaller manufacturing companies, are clear proof of our ability to meet major challenges.


Martin Dufour, Eng.
Chief Executive Officer

In addition to holding his bacherlors degree in mechanical engineering, Mr. Martin Dufour has over 20 years of experience in business diagnosis, project management, and manufacturing engineering (both mechanical and industrial). Founder of Merkur, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Merkur Inc. and Khrome Transport Product. The knowledge and experience Mr. Dufour has in business diagnosis as well as engineering project management allows Mr. Dufour to apply his skills in a variety of contexts.

His contribution to the accomplishment of various mandates has a reassuring effect for clients who know they can rely on his expertise. Mr. Dufour was also President of the Pôle d’excellence québécois en transport terrestre. His contribution to this association is on a strategic planning level, He has participated in the development of this association for the past 10 years as member of the Board.

Éric St-Laurent,Eng.
Director Technological Optimization

Mr. St-Laurent, who holds his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. has extensive knowledge of the manufacturing sector and the challenges that businesses in this sector must face. He has helped nearly fifty companies of all sizes and in different sectors carry out their technological development and manufacturing engineering projects. Responsive to the needs of his clients, creative, and with a solid overall vision, he is always seeking the best value-added solution. Mr. St-Laurent stands out due to his entrepreneurship, his business development skills, and his desire to develop sustainable business relationships. He is actively engaged in several associations, such as the Pôle d'excellence québécois en transport terrestre, Aero Montreal, Sous-traitance industrielle Québec (STIQ), the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, and the Chambers of Commerce of Sherbrooke and Drummondville.

Jean-François Cloutier, Eng.
PMP Director Technological Projects and Operations

Mr. Cloutier completed a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and has close to 20 years of experience in the manufacturing sector. He plans, organizes, monitors and synchronizes the operations of the company. Mr. Cloutier has a high analysis capacity, a comprehension of critical issues and thoroughly keeps an eye on the results. His contribution to different projects ensures the efficiency of methods and procedures.He holds a Project Management Professional certification (PMP®) granted to experienced managers. Mr. Cloutier supervises and manages team projects to achieve the objectives in a timely manner, and cost and quality wise.


Provide our clients with suitable, flexible, and multipurpose solutions to optimize their processes and production technologies and improve their project engineering and product development.



Mission & Values

Creating Sustainable Businesses

Some companies provide consulting services, some provide production line optimization, and some might provide operational support.  At Merkur, we design an entire scalable and sustainable company just for you! Our integrated approach, combining industrial, mechanical, logistics and electrical engineering, gives us the edge to play a key role in our clients’ overall optimization projects.

Your Partner for Change

By working directly on site with you, we get to know your company inside out and become your partner for change at all times. Our professionals are your best allies in your optimization and excellence projects as they work with and involve your teams making them part of the change process.

A Large Number of Challenges Met

By working directly on site with you, we get to know your company inside out and become your partner for change at all times. Our professionals are your best allies in your optimization and excellence projects as they work with and involve your teams making them part of the change process.

Daily Innovations

Every day, our professionals look for new solutions. Each challenge has its own innovating solution. Conventional approaches are not our cup of tea! Management as well as our group of professionals are constantly challenging themselves to create new methods to help meet our clients’ specific needs.




For Healthy Children

Family and children are a priority for Merkur! Year in and year out, we support determined kids that are fighting against health problems, gives us great pride, but it also makes us even more determined to fight by their side. Through time, we have been and still are actively involved in:

  • Christmas Train - Fund of Hope
  • Home Oxygen Estrie
  • Youth Club
  • Lobster dinner Stentors
  • Leucan Shaved Head Challenge
  • On the Tip of the Toes Foundation
  • Fondation du CHUS
  • Children’s Lobster Dinner

Supporting Our Young Athletes

Keeping on track with our goal which is to constantly identify and support young athletes, we encourage and sponsor them locally through several organizations, including :

  • Sherbrooke Phoenix
  • The Université de Sherbrooke Vert & Or Football
  • Catherine Dufour (Kitesurfing & Snowkiting athlete)
  • Club de patinage de Sherbrooke
  • Rose des sables

Social and Environmental Responsibility

« You can recognize the ethics, maturity and sense of responsibility of a community by the importance it gives to its environment  », said Martin Dufour, Merkur’s CEO in his speech as honorary President of the 23rd Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) fundraising dinner 2012. Social and environmental responsibility is part of Merkur’s way of life.

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