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Systems engineering

Product and Equipment Development Experts

Our product development experts are known for their broad technical expertise in systems engineering, their mastery of product development processes and their great ability to define projects and generate innovating ideas. They contribute to elaborating greater development projects and to suggesting value-added solutions through integration of the company’s strengths, goals, a realistic view of the situation and first and foremost, the clients’ needs.

Electrical and Electronic System Experts

Our electrical and electronic engineers specialize in system integration for products as well as equipment. They use an efficient approach to define the requirements of their systems, validate and test the systems’ functionality and solve problems. They have greatexperience in monitoring and establishing standards for both local and international suppliers of electronic systems.

Mechanical System Experts

Our mechanical system engineers are passionate about technology and innovation. They have a strong technical experience in complex project management. Moreover, these experts take part in every step of the development process (requirements and project definition, design, modeling, validation, prototyping, tests and technical support). Their passion: develop and integrate technologies into our clients’ products and industrial equipment to generate significant added value.

Mechanical and Electrical Designers

As computer-aided engineering tools experts, they specialize in design, validation, production processes and geometrical tolerancing. They are creative, on the lookout for cutting-edge technologies and continuously searching for the best solutions. Keen observers and concerned about details, they optimize solutions and integrate all requirements to avoid iterations.

Industrialization projects

Project Managers

Our project managers know how to manage major projects and have done so in different types of businesses. They are excellent managers of multidisciplinary work groups which include many project leaders. They favor a participative management type and they successfully step in to develop and turn projects around, perform feasibility analysis, prepare budgets and provide counsel for project management and training.

Industrialization Project Leaders

Our project leaders work in the field and have a significant knowledge of the industrial sector. They seek to understand their clients’ needs, and deliver comprehensive, sustainable and optimized solutions. They use the Merkur approach which combines continuous improvement principles, people’s involvement, optimal use of technology and rigorous project management based on the PMI (Project Management Institute) approach. Team people who love challenges and who love it when the job is well done!

Automation Control and Machine Safety Experts

They are specialized in defining the best automation strategies which aim at maximizing added value and return on investment. These experts have a solid experience in risk analysis. They know the automation and control field inside out.  They design and review electrical plans; they program and perform the entire start-up.

Quality and Production Support Technicians

Our quality and production support technicians are field people who specialize in solving problems and really listen to your needs. Skillful and resourceful, they participate in layouts, tooling designs, method developing, and equipment acquisition and production start-up.  They provide valuable and much appreciated technical support to meet daily challenges of the industrial sector and to implement efficient solutions.

Operationnal excellence

Project Leaders, Production Optimization

Our logistics project leaders are experts in continuous improvement and project management. Their passion: optimizing the flow in your company to make it fluid, efficient and agile. Whether it is for your production operations, your warehouses, your supply chain or your distribution, our experts have effective and customized solutions in store.

Consultants, Operational Excellence

Our skilled senior advisors deploy all their talent to generate strategic and sustainable gains for our clients.  Their passion: help clients surpass themselves by involving their teams and adding an innovating touch to their methods. They work on optimization of processes, logistics, methods, plant layouts and operation management. Challenge them to find a solution for your company! They will undoubtedly live up to your expectations.

Consultants, Optimization of the Manufacturing Performance

Our equipment fleet management and optimization experts are continuously surpassing themselves! Using performance indicators, they measure and analyse your equipment’s performance. Then, they focus on increasing the stakeholders’ awareness and on synchronizing their actions so they can achieve concrete results towards reaching the goals the company has established. They have an extensive knowledge of the industrial sector, the equipment and the functions involved in production profitability, maintenance, and continuous improvement, engineering and planning.

Project Leaders for Implementation of Best Manufacturing Practices

The secret to achieving sustainable gains is to implement and deploy good ideas into your operations and facilities.Transforming good ideas into sustainable gains and providing on-time project delivery are our project leaders’ speciality! They are the core of what we call change management performed with the clients’ on-site teams. Our professionals always work with the best continuous improvement tools available in terms of industrial processes as well as operational and business processes.

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