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Engineering, Operationnal excellence

Military Aircraft Tow Tractor (LLTT) Development


TLD wanted to develop an aircraft tow tractor designed with extreme weather in mind to specifically meet its clients’ requirements.
After developing and starting the manufacturing of this product and receiving an increased number of orders for it, TLD wanted to improve its production and assembly capacity through the optimization of its manufacturing processes.

The challenge

Participate in the innovation and development of the product by adapting an existing tractor model, and performing the integration of efficient systems to meet the requirements of TLD’s clients while keeping operations under extreme weather conditions in mind.
Using industrial engineering, combined with mechanical expertise, in our search for operational excellence in order to reduce the assembly time of the vehicle.


Merkur helped the TLD  team to reach excellence levels  in many ways:

  • Modernized the tractor and its systems;
  • Designed detail drawings and assembly drawings for entire systems;
  • Developed the HVAC system;
  • Performed  finite element analysis and digital validation;
  • Developed the maintenance manual and procedures;
  • Performed a value chain cartography and identified improvement opportunities;
  • Analyzed the root causes of non quality and reduced related hours ;
  • Reduced time-frames related to the supply chain;
  • Provided support for the planning and maintenance of continuous improvement strategies through action plans and monitoring of performance indicators.