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Industrialization, Operational excellence

Implementation of a drinkable yogurt production line


Ultima Foods awarded us a large part of the management project mandate to install a new bottling line for drinkable yogurt. Our overall goal was to increase the company’s production capacity and thus, meet the growing consumers demand for this type of product.

This was a two-phase project. In the 1st phase, we needed to make the new bottling line operational while keeping some manual operations. In the 2nd phase, we needed to add an automated conveyor to ensure the products could be dispatched to distribution centres.

The challenge

  • Perform the implementation of a very high-speed new production line in the food industry where demand is continuously growing;
  • Make bottling of different products in different containers possible;
  • Increase this new production line’s operational performance by bringing it to an exceptionally high level.



Merkur managed the project up to $6.5 M.; 75% of the total budget. Merkur supported the client with full technical team of 2 to 3 mechanical and electrical engineers. Implementing best business practices in a project management context resulted in better control of delivery, budget and quality of the project.

  • Modeling and Manufacturing Drawings;
  • Digital Validation and Physical Testing;
  • Writing Estimates and Specifications Book;
  • Mechanical and Electrical Systems Development;
  • Project Management and Suppliers’ Follow-up;
  • Facility Management and Startup;
  • Systems Integration.