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Systems engineering

Development of a self-propelled cargo lifting transporter


For very specific needs, TLD Canada wanted to develop a new self-propelled cargo lifting transporter model. Performance requirements were very high.

The challenge

It was a significant challenge: within 9 months, we had to develop a new concept of vehicle and several new systems and, present an operational prototype; all this while achieving very high performance targets:

  • Lighter weight for it to be air portable;
  • Very large lifting/loading height range;
  • Ability to come alongside a multitude of aircrafts and to operate in difficult terrain.


Merkur provided a complete technical team – 5 to 8 engineers and mechanical and electrical technicians – to work together with TLD’s team to perform this mandate.

  • Project Management and Suppliers Follow-up;
  • Mechanical and Electrical Systems Development;
  • Systems Integration;
  • Modelling and Manufacturing Drawings;
  • Control Logic and Circuit Diagrams;
  • Digital Validation and Physical Testing;
  • Technical Manual.