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Develop Specialized Tooling for Some 80 Jigs Destined to Secondary Operations


Our client wished to undertake production of large dimension composite parts in a new plant. Support was required for tooling development and method optimization necessary to secondary operations for three different series of products: a total of some 80 jigs.

The challenge

Combine our expertise in tooling design, manufacturing engineering and operational excellence to develop advanced and automated precision tooling that will help reduce production starting time, avoid human errors and improve overall operation performances.

More specifically, design eighty (80) different versatile jigs used to optimize and ensure a mixed production of about 15 different part models in one piece flow out of which many will comprise up to 150 holes not to mention the multiple cuttings and characteristics of each model.


Merkur has contributed specifically to optimize new secondary operation lines by performing the following:

  • Tooling modernization and integration of automated elements;
  • Adding a superior level of quality, auditable and repeatable;
  • Reduction of failure rates from 10% to 0.07%;
  • Development of more autonomous and versatile tooling to reduce cycle times;
  • Reduction of number of operators per cycle time (ex.: an operation lasting 4.27 minutes with 2 operators has been brought down to 30 seconds with only 1 operator);
  • Design of inspection and validation jigs;
  • Accompanying implementation and start-up of new installations.