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Simulation and tests



Reliability is not achieved by coincidence. Provide proven solutions to your clients with a combined approach of simulations and physical tests. Merkur supports its clients to ensure the functionality of effectiveness, resistance and reliability of their products.

To achieve it, we use the best tools available according to goals and costs.

Merkur contributes to your projects at every development stage.

  • Digital Simulation
  • Finite Elements Analysis (FEA)
  • Simulation of Complex Models
  • Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Physical Testing
  • Development of Test Bench
  • Acquisition of Data and Signal Processing
  • Analysis and Statistics
  • Validation of Electronic Modules (Embedded Systems)
  • Prototyping

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Our clients make it clear, Merkur stands out with its global vision ensuring that gains are profitable and sustainable!

Our Role



To meet in due time your expertise requirements, we provide a very flexible approach. We can either work from your site (outsourcing) or elements of work (special one-time projects). For all of the projects we carry out, our engineers and technicians may be teamed up with experts to ensure your full satisfaction. We always work in close collaboration with our clients’ teams to maximize efficiency and ensure successful projects.