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Systems Engineering


Whatever the product, the goal remains the same: design, produce, assemble and deliver quality products based on the needs of the market. From the design to prototyping whether in the transport or manufacturing sector, our team of engineers and technicians possesses a leading-edge expertise in the development and integration of mechanical, electrical or electronic systems. They use their creativity to design products and equipment that meet our clients’ needs and requirements.

Our strength: Developing new products, improving existing concepts, solving complex problems and product reliability.

Our role: Design and improve products and systems adapted to your reality and ensure they are optimal for your manufacturing methods and selected materials.

Our passion for new technologies and our comprehension of our clients’ needs encourage us to develop effective reliable systems and products so our clients can increase or strengthen their positioning on the market.

You want to integrate new technologies? Merkur designs and develops innovative highly value-added products through its technical expertise and distinctive approach.

Electronic innovation never stops breaking boundaries. Merkur keeps an eye out for you on the evolution of those technologies! Staying a step ahead on the competition: value-added and optimized control with Merkur!

Informed decision-making before moving forward! Our team of engineers deliver solutions tested in all possible required circumstances to guarantee reliable products every time.

Reliability does not come from improvising. Your clients have high expectations; Merkur makes sure to meet them. Our experts use their skills to identify and eliminate irregularities at the source.

Our specialists in product development assist you through each step of the process to make sure ideas become reality. Merkur helps you think out of the box to extend lean practices and distance the competition.