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Industrial strategy



You are unsure which manufacturing strategy to adopt for the growth of your company, for the layout of your plant, the type of equipment and technologies to integrate?

You are in a growth context and you must make strategic decisions concerning expansion, move, multisite management of production and develpment of your market?


Our industrial strategy experts can give you advice and assist you in defining a clear vision and a plan for your short-, mid- and long-term projects enabling you to achieve your goals?

  • Development of Manufacturing Strategies (family of articles, modularization, Customized Production)
  • Manufacturing Agility
  • Multi-site Layout Strategy
  • Investment and Equipment
  • Acquisition Strategies
  • Financial Analysis of Projects

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Our clients make it clear, Merkur stands out with its global vision ensuring that gains are profitable and sustainable!

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To meet in due time your expertise requirements, we provide a very flexible approach. We can either work from your site (outsourcing) or elements of work (special one-time projects). For all of the projects we carry out, our engineers and technicians may be teamed up with experts to ensure your full satisfaction. We always work in close collaboration with our clients’ teams to maximize efficiency and ensure successful projects.