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Industrialization Projects


We have an overall and strategic view of our clients’ challenges and industrialization projects. Our team is specialized in defining the best balance between the use of technologies, automation and the contribution of your employees. This approach has us design entirely automated work environments and improve your return on investment.

Our professionals make a difference with their comprehensive manufacturing engineering expertise and our project management approach. Thus, whenever there is a need to design or revise the layout of a work station or plant, reduce your costs due to non-quality or develop new equipment or tooling, our professionals assist you from the start to analyze the needs and make sure the selected and implemented solutions are well understood by the team in place.

Our strength: High-level project management! For equipment and tooling that surpass your performance and quality requirements, for spaces and moves that maximize your environment, all this by thoroughly taking into account time and cost variables.

Our challenge: Synchronize all elements to facilitate your development and fuel your ever growing competitiveness.

Are you equipped to face tomorrow’s challenges? Our experts boost tooling to higher levels to ensure the best return on investment.

We are pretty familiar with the saying “We should expand from the inside”! Merkur’s experts help you get the most out of your spaces and moves to foster the full potential of your resources.

You have the infrastructures and the experience; we have the methodology and expertise to deliver your projects in a timely and cost wise manner! Through consulting, coaching, guiding … Merkur is the partner of your growth

Quality at all times, even when produced on Fridays! Merkur helps standardize and optimize your methods in your company and for your suppliers’. « Reworks » end right here!