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Our Approach



The Merkur approach is about having an overall vision of our clients’ issues so we can identify and carry out strategic and profitable projects. There are no written recipes, no barriers, and no paradigms. We create customized solutions to allow our clients to increase their productivity, their effectiveness or their market shares. To achieve this, we address all our projects using the 5P method which ensures us to analyze the project as a whole taking the context and all the involved actors into consideration. That’s what makes THE MERKUR DIFFERENCE!

We support our clients when high-level expertise is required, on the production line when there is a repeat problem, in the management team when the business strategies have to be thought over, and also on the floor when new equipment is required. We perform everywhere in the plant, from design to maintenance, from plant layout to the writing of work procedures and even with our clients’ suppliers to make sure the supply chain is efficient and delivers on time.

To support the manufacturing production, we provide our clients with skilled result-oriented resources, trained in complex project management. Our success is based on our team’s ability to identify the best projects and to complete them. We are part of our clients’ success.

We thrive on challenges and we have demonstrated for the past 20 years that there is a Merkur solution for each and every challenge we are given. Are you ready to hop on with us?