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Martin Dufour, Eng.
Chief Executive Officer

In addition to holding his bacherlors degree in mechanical engineering, Mr. Martin Dufour has over 20 years of experience in business diagnosis, project management, and manufacturing engineering (both mechanical and industrial). Founder of Merkur, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Merkur Inc. and Khrome Transport Product. The knowledge and experience Mr. Dufour has in business diagnosis as well as engineering project management allows Mr. Dufour to apply his skills in a variety of contexts.

His contribution to the accomplishment of various mandates has a reassuring effect for clients who know they can rely on his expertise. Mr. Dufour was also President of the Pôle d’excellence québécois en transport terrestre. His contribution to this association is on a strategic planning level, He has participated in the development of this association for the past 10 years as member of the Board.