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Industry Training: Why Apply the TWI Method

What is Training Within Industry (TWI)?
The TWI is a method that was developed in the United States in 1940-1945 to facilitate the knowledge transfer and to make the training of new personnel more effective in time of war. This training efficiency also makes it possible to improve productivity in a

Data-Driven Manufacturing is Coming—Are You Ready?

A Data-Driven Lifestyle
Staying organized and on-target is easier than ever, thanks to the evolution of data as a part of daily life. Without even realizing it, we are integrating data into our daily routines at an alarming rate. Those who used to count calories in a handwritten log now turn

6 Strategies for Industrial Digital Change Management

Manufacturers of all disciplines appear to be uniquely poised to take advantage of present and future digital technology, as data collection techniques and metrics adapt to new and efficient technologies at an increasingly complex level. Many manufacturers, however, are also unprepared for now-overdue digital overhauls, and may have trouble finding

Merkur Announces Strategic Partnership with VKS – Visual Knowledge Share

As best-performing companies are taking a digital shift and leading the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, also consistent with Quebec’ Digital Agenda, Merkur is proud to announce a business partnership with Canadian firm VKS – Visual Knowledge Share.

With this announcement, Merkur consolidates its leading position in the management and implementation

Technologies : The Centre of the 4th Industrial Revolution

The concept of industry 4.0 is more than a current trend. This revolution will have a major impact on 3 manufacturing key aspects: quality, manufacturing costs and production times. For manufacturing companies, this represents a unique opportunity to step up and increase their productivity.
In more specific terms, industry 4.0 is

8 KPIs essential to Efficient Manufacturing Businesses

Measuring overall productivity can be both the most important and most complicated part of any manufacturing business and its facilities. There are many factors and many metrics principles to follow. Not being able to optimize and accommodate any one can result as a disaster for any manufacturing business. These following

Overcoming canadian manufacturing challenges—Boost your operationa effiency with Merkur

There’s no denying that manufacturing plays a big role in both the Canadian economy and the global economy. In Canada, manufacturing represents more than 10% of annual national GDP. This $173 billion industry provides over 1.5 million jobs to hard working Canadians and comprises over 60% of the country’s merchandise

3 Manufacturing Maturity Levels

3 Manufacturing Maturity Levels
In today’s world, customers are becoming increasingly demanding. They want customized products in smaller and smaller quantities, and they want to pay as little as possible. This puts an enormous amount of pressure on manufacturers to keep their customers happy.
The initial reaction of most businesses is to